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FRB.C Shopping is centrally located in the heart of Frederiksberg with easy access by bike, bus, metro, and car.

Our address is:

Frederiksberg Center
Falkoner Allé 21
2000 Frederiksberg
Tel. 38 16 03 40


FRB.C Shopping is located on the cycle path “The Green Trail”, which bends across Frederiksberg and Copenhagen. You will find plenty of bicycle parking spaces on both sides of FRB.C as well as a large bicycle parking area towards Solbjerg Square.  If all the bicycle racks on the Metroside of FRB.C are occupied, you can always park your bicycle at the centre side facing Nyelandsvej.


Both metro lines offer direct access to FRB.C Shopping. Get off at the station “Frederiksberg” and you will walk directly into FRB.C.  Both metro lines stops at the following Frederiksberg-stations:

  • Forum
  • Frederiksberg
  • Fasanvej
  • Lindevang
  • Flintholm
  • Axel Møllers Have
  • Frederiksberg Allé

Frederiksberg Station is connected to Frederiksberg Centret, centrally located in Frederiksberg, within walking distance to Frederiksberg Garden, Copenhagen Zoo, Frederiksberg Runddel and other Frederiksberg sights.

Read more about the metro’s roadmap, line map, cycle overview and zones here.


You can also travel to Frederiksberg by the S-train with C and H lines, which stops at Peter Bang’s Road and Flintholm St. On Flintholm St. you can switch to the metro line, which runs through Frederiksberg.


There are direct buses from the Central Station to both Frederiksberg Runddel, Copenhagen Zoo, Frederiksberg Center and Frederiksberg Allé. The buses go frequently, and you can find routes on, where you can also see fares and zones. If you are arriving to FRB.C Shopping by bus, take line 8A or 74, which stops at the main entrance of Falkoner Allé. Get off at the stop “Frederiksberg Center”.

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FRB.C Shopping has 450 rooftop parking spaces. The first hour you park for free. Read more about our parking opportunities here.

Free transport with Copenhagen Card

You can buy a Copenhagen Card in Frederiksberg Tourist Information in Frederiksberg Center, which includes free shuttle bus, train and metro access and access to more than 79 attractions.

Read more about Copenhagen Card, and see prices here.

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