Sights and Museums

Cisternerne er Københavns vandforsynings tidligere højdebeholdere (cisterner) under Valby Bakke, i Søndermarken over for Frederiksberg Slot.

Frederiksberg boasts a string of major and smaller attractions and museums, from the historic Museum of Modern Glass Art and the Zoological Gardens to the Storm P. museum and the world´s oldest museum of music history. In Frederiksberg, there´s fun for both children and adults, adventures for couples and activities for the whole family.

Frederiksberg´s museums and attractions appeal to both tourists visiting Copenhagen and to Frederiksberg residents who have lived in this city within a city for many years. Many of the sites hold special exhibitions and cultural events throughout the year, so two visits are almost never the same. In addition, you´ll find outdoor and indoor attractions, so can you go sightseeing both winter and summer.

Save money with a Copenhagen Card:

You can purchase a Copenhagen Card at Frederiksberg Tourist Information in the shopping mall Frederiksberg Centret. The card gives you access to more than 79 museums and attractions, and you can travel free on metro, bus and train throughout the Capital Region. The card is valid for either 24, 72 or 120 hours.

Read more about Copenhagen Card, and see prices here.

Joint ticket to Frederiksberg Museums

Frederiksberg Museums are a group of three museums and two exhibition spaces. You can purchase a joint ticket that allows you to visit all the sites.

Frederiksberg Museums consist of:

  • Bakkehus Museum
  • Storm P. Museum
  • Danish Revue Museum
  • Museum of Modern Glass Art
  • Møsting´s House

The five museums and exhibition spaces lie on a beautiful route through Frederiksberg that is ideal for combining museum and exhibition visits with a stroll through some of the capital’s finest urban parks such as Søndermarken or Frederiksberg Gardens.

Read more about Frederiksberg Museums, buy tickets and find the museum route here.

Discover Frederiksberg:

Copenhagen Zoo

Det berømte indgangsparti ved Zoologisk Have i København med det ikoniske Zoo-tårn.

Roskildevej 32 • 2000 Frederiksberg

Copenhagen Zoo is a must-see when visiting Copenhagen. The Zoological gardens is one of Frederick’s biggest tourist attractions with more than 1.4 million visitors annually.

At the Zoo, you´ll encounter more than 4,234 animals, including elephants, monkeys, crocodiles, and lions and enjoy the Night Zoo, Tropical Zoo and Kids Zoo. And it´s open every day, all year round.

Take a bus direct to the Arctic or the Savanna

In recent years, several installations have also been opened to visitors, so you can see polar bears up close in the Arctic Ring and visit the giraffes, hippos, zebras and other animals from the African savanna in the Gateway to the Savanna.

At the Zoo, you´ll also find the zoo shop where you can buy unique ZOO posters, animal books and zoo-living.

The Zoological Gardens is located alongside Frederiksberg Gardens and it is easy to get there by bus, which stops right outside the entrance.

What to experience at the Zoo:

  • More than 4,234 animals
  • Daily activities
  • Zoo shop
  • Playground

Read about the many activities, programs, opening hours, season tickets, day tickets and prices. 

Frederiksberg Palace

Det gule Frederiksberg Slot på Frederiksberg Bakke er en populær seværdighed for turister på Frederiksberg, lige ved siden af Zoologisk Have

Roskildevej 28A • 2000 Frederiksberg

The impressive Frederiksberg Palace is perched atop Frederiksberg Hill with panoramic views of Frederiksberg Gardens and large parts of Copenhagen. The palace was built in the early 1700s by Frederick the 4th in grandiose Baroque style, and abounds with fascinating stories about the royal family over the past many hundred years.

You can, for example, see the large bathroom with mirrors over the bathtub that Struensee had installed for Christian the 7th, and the princesses´ pancake kitchen.

Take a royal tour

At Frederiksberg Palace, you can go on a guided tour and gain an insight into the history of the palace, visit the beautiful banqueting hall, the Chinese Room, the palace church, and enjoy the magnificent vista from the flag balcony.

What to experience at Frederiksberg Palace:

  • Tour of the palace
  • View over Frederiksberg

Read more about Frederiksberg Palace and find opening hours, tour times and ticket prices.

The Danish Music Museum

Musikmusset på Frederiksberg set fra et rum i udstillingerne fyldt med musikinstrumenter som guitarer, violiner, kontrabasser, pianoer.

Rosenørns Allé 22 • 1970 Frederiksberg C

The Danish Music Museum in Frederiksberg is located in the renowned Radio House and is the world’s oldest music history museum.

At the museum, you can explore how sound becomes music, try out the sound room where you can experiment with sounds on everything from harps to electric guitars in a specially designed soundproofed room, or embark on a digital treasure hunt through the history of music.

The Museum of Music in Copenhagen is aimed at both children and adults who would like to creatively explore classical instruments and equally to those whose interests lie in history and music who would like to read about the evolution of musical instruments over the past 3000 years.

What to experience at the Museum of Music:

  • Activities with music and instruments
  • Exhibition on the evolution of musical instruments
  • Treasure hunt through the history of music

Read more about activities, hands-on experiences, musical instruments, prices and opening hours.

Museum of Modern Glass Art

Cisternerne på Frederiksberg med det helt særlige lys, som siver ned gennem glaspyramiderne i det gamle vandreservoir under Søndermarken, der i dag fungerer som turistseværdighed med kulturelle begivenheder, udstillinger og musikarrangementer

Søndermarken • 2000 Frederiksberg

These over 140-year-old underground cisterns, originally serving as a water reservoir, are an experience in themselves.

Absolutely no daylight percolates into this subterranean museum at Søndermarken close to Copenhagen Zoo. However, the dense humidity and a 4.2-meter-high ceiling give the illusion of a Gothic vault or gloomy catacombs when you visit the Museum of Modern Glass Art.

Stalactites and Art

At the Museum of Modern Glass Art, you will experience a unique interplay between art, light and history in the extraordinary underground atmosphere.

Cultural events, music and exhibitions are regularly held at the Museum of Modern Glass Art, all of which are shaped around the architecture and the special climate of Denmark’s only “stalactite cave”.

What to experience at the Museum of Modern Glass Art:

  • The unique atmosphere underground
  • Exhibitions and cultural events
  • Musical events
  • Special exhibitions

The Museum of Modern Glass Art is part of Frederiksberg Museums.

See the program of events and opening hours, and read more about parking options and prices.


En vue gennem de smukke stuer en suite i Bakkemusset på Valby Bakke på Frederiksberg, hvor ægteparret Kamma og Knus Lyhne var centrum for mange af Guldalderens store personligheder og forfattere.

Rahbeks Allé 23 • 1801 Frederiksberg C

Bakkehuset (the house on the hill) dates back to the 1600s and got its name due to its location on Valby Hill, which was then deep in the countryside.

At Bakkehus Museum you can view the apartments that Kamma and Knud Lyne Rahbek lived in during the years 1802-1830. Their home was a gathering place for many of the great Golden Age writers and artists, including Hans Christian Andersen and Adam Oehlenschläger among the regular visitors.

Visitors get a sense of being transported to a home from the Danish Golden Age, as the museum has successfully retained the authenticity and milieu of that time.

Bakkehus Museum offers both a permanent exhibition and alternating special exhibitions.

What to experience at Bakkehuset:

  • A Frederiksberg apartment from the Danish Golden Age
  • The permanent exhibition
  • Special exhibitions

Bakkehus Museum is part of Frederiksberg Museums.

Read more about the museum and view opening hours, parking facilities and prices.

Storm P. Museum

På billedet kan man se nogle af de aktiviteter og udstillinger, man kan opleve på Storm P. Museet, som billeder, lys, fotografier, avisklip og kunstnerens egne tegninger.

Frederiksberg Runddel • 2000 Frederiksberg

At the Storm P. Museum, you can experience many of the quirky and humourous drawings that helped Danes see themselves in a new way. Storm P. was an artist and a master at portraying Danish humour and self-perceptions in the 20th century.

“Life is hard, but maths is harder”

All of Storm P.’s works deal with being human and how we relate to each other as people. As an artist, Storm P. grew to become part of Danish cultural identity and heritage and is celebrated both for his pithy sayings, quotes, drawings, cartoons and paintings.

At Storm P. Museum, Storm P. is portrayed through images, sound, photographs, newspaper clippings and a wealth of the artist’s own drawings. The museum offers both a permanent exhibition and alternating special exhibitions.

What to experience at the Storm P. Museum:

  • Permanent exhibition about Storm P.
  • Special exhibitions

The Storm P. Museum is part of Frederiksberg Museums.

Read more about current exhibitions, Storm P., parking, opening hours and prices.

Danish Revue Museum

Revymuseets smukke facade og dammen foran, som er et populært motiv blandt turister på Frederiksberg.

Allégade 5 • 2000 Frederiksberg

Experience some of the greatest stars of Danish Revue through sound and movie clips at the Danish Revue Museum in Frederiksberg.

Among others, you can see Dirch Passer as a Russian clown and view many of the familiar props that have been used in revue shows such as Dirch Passer´s pink tuxedo or the vulture outfit from Det Brune Punktum´s show.

From Erik Bøgh to Kirsten Birgit Schiøtz Kretz Hørsholm

The Danish Revue Museum tells the fascinating story of Danish entertainment from the Casino Theatre back in 1849 until today, where standup comedians continue the comic stage tradition.

The Danish Revue Museum is centrally located close to Frederiksberg Runddel and Frederiksberg Gardens and Frederiksberg Allé.

What to experience at the Danish Revue Museum:

  • The history of Danish Revue from 1849 until today.
  • Permanent exhibitions with props, sound and movie clips
  • Special exhibitions

The Danish Revue Museum is part of Frederiksberg Museums.

Read more about the permanent exhibition and exciting special exhibitions, and view opening hours and prices.

Møsting´s House

Billede af den smukke facade af Møstings Hus ved Frederiksberg Have, med det smukke springvand og skønne natur.

Andebakkesti 5 • 2000 Frederiksberg

Møsting´s House beside Frederiksberg Gardens is an exhibition space with both contemporary art and cultural events. This old house from the 1800s is named after its most famous owner, Johan Sigismund Møsting, who was chancellor of the exchequer under Frederick VI.

Møsting used the place as a summer retreat – in those days Frederiksberg was the preferred summer residence for wealthy citizens and prominent officials.

Møsting´s House presents six different contemporary exhibitions annually that range from visual art, abstract paintings, photographs, to video and installation art, and admission is free to the exhibitions.

In addition to exhibitions, you can also experience intimate concerts, author talks and readings.

What to experience at Møsting´s House:

  • Six contemporary art exhibitions annually (free admission)
  • Cultural events
  • Intimate Concerts
  • Author talks
  • Readings

Møstings House is part of Frederiksberg Museums.

Read more about Møsting’s House and exhibits, and view opening hours.