Parking and transport options

The parking rules in Frederiksberg are different from the parking rules in the rest of Copenhagen. On this page you´ll find information about parking in Frederiksberg, about where to find free parking, payment points as well as info on the parking app and p-charges.

At the bottom of the page you´ll also find an overview of bus, metro and S-train (suburban rail) services in Frederiksberg.


Parking rules in Frederiksberg

  • Free parking for two hours on the whole of Frederiksberg
  • Monday-Friday at 07.00-24.00
  • Saturday at 07:00 to 17:00
  • Sundays and public holidays, it is free to park on Frederiksberg.
  • If you park for longer than two hours, you can buy electronic p-tickets via your phone or in the designated P-machines.

Price for a p-ticket in Frederiksberg:

  • 1 hour: 10 kroner
  • 2 hours: 25 kroner
  • 3 hours: 45 kroner
  • 4 hours: 65 kroner
  • Day ticket: 75 kroner


P-house in Frederiksberg Centret

You can also park in Frederiksberg Center, which has a large parking garage in two levels. From the center there is also direct access to the metro. You will always find free parking spaces in the Frederiksberg Centret.


  • P-house in Frederiksberg Centret, Falkoner Allé 21, 2000 Frederiksberg
  • Drive from Nyelandsvej

Opening hours:

  • 07.00-21.30 all days except holidays

Price for a p-ticket in Frederiksberg Centret:

  • First hour is free. Then it costs 6 kr. per half an hour
  • 1 hour: 12 kroner
  • 2 hours: 24 kroner
  • 3 hours: 36 kroner
  • 4 hours: 48 kroner


Public transport to Frederiksberg


Both metro lines in Copenhagen stops at the following Frederiksberg-stations:

  • Forum
  • Frederiksberg
  • Fasanvej
  • Lindevang
  • Flintholm
  • Axel Møllers Have
  • Frederiksberg Allé

Frederiksberg Station is connected to Frederiksberg Centret, centrally located in Frederiksberg, within walking distance to Frederiksberg Garden, Copenhagen Zoo, Frederiksberg Runddel and other Frederiksberg sights.

Read more about the metro’s roadmap, line map, cycle overview and zones here.


You can also come to Frederiksberg by the S-train with C and H lines, which stops at Peter Bang’s Road and Flintholm St. On Flintholm St. you can switch to the metro line, which runs through Frederiksberg.

To Frederiksberg Center from Central Station

If your starting point is the Central Station, you can take the S-train to Nørreport, where you can switch to the metro which takes you to central Frederiksberg.

Read more about the S-train lines and see itineraries here.


There are direct buses from the Central Station to both Frederiksberg Runddel, Copenhagen Zoo, Frederiksberg Center and Frederiksberg Allé. The buses often go so it’s easiest to find the right bus on, where you can also find fares and zones.


Free transport with Copenhagen Card

You can buy a Copenhagen Card in Frederiksberg Tourist Information in Frederiksberg Center, which includes free shuttle bus, train and metro access and access to more than 79 attractions.

Read more about Copenhagen Card, and see prices here.