Here you will find practical information about Frederiksberg Centret:

You can find an ATM at Level 1 at the conveyor belts that run towards Falkoner Allé, to the left of the clothing shop Zizzi.

Used batteries can be handed in at the føtex kiosk.

At the Information Desk at Level 1, we sell several versions of the Copenhagen Card that will save you money on a series of unforgettable events and places in the capital city.

With a Copenhagen Card, you get free entry to 79 museums and attractions, free public transport in the entire capital area and discounts on a number of sightseeing trips, restaurants and cafés.

At the Information Desk, you can learn a lot more about the possibilities you have with a Copenhagen Card.

Many people visiting FRB.C go by bike, which is why we have established several hundred bike-parking spots along the centre at both long sides and at the entrance overlooking Solbjerg Plads.

If you don’t have a bike of your own, or if you need an extra bike for your guest, you can experience the city on a city bike with built-in GPS – your green shortcut to the city for commuting as well as sightseeing.

You can find the city bikes at the entrance to Holm’s Bager overlooking Solbjergvej.

You can easily find and book a city bike here

There are several nice and comfortable seating groups in the wide aisles, and many of them have points for charging your mobile phone.

The Information Desk is at shop level 1 just below the conveyor belt that runs towards Solbjerg Plads.

At all entrances, there are wayfinders/directory screens.

You can always get the local newspapers at the Information Desk at Level 1.

The Frederiksberg Bladet comes out on Tuesday.

There are no lockers at FRB.C Shopping for keeping for instance coats and bags/suitcases while you are shopping. Please use a trolley.

There is direct access to FRB.C Shopping from Frederiksberg Metro Station. Get off at the stop “Frederiksberg”.
Link to Metro here

Bus lines 8A and 74 stop right outside the main entrance, Falkoner Allé 21. Get off at the stop “Frederiksberg Station”.
Link to Bus here

Plan your trip here.

Rooftop parking in Frederiksberg Centret:

The driveway to the rooftop parking is located behind the centre, facing Solbjerg Plads. You can drive there by coming from Nyelandsvej and turning in to Solbjerg Plads at the traffic lights. Then follow the road until you see the sign with the driveway to the parking area. Please note that vans must be below 2.20 metres in height to access the parking area.

  • Opening hours 07:00-21:30, all days excluding public holidays
  • First hour free, then DKK 6 per half hour or part thereof.
  • Enter by drawing a ticket, validating and paying for the ticket in one of the 4 payment machines (if this is your chosen method), drive to the barrier which will then recognize your car licence plate and thereby open automatically.
  • Or drive in using a credit card and exit by re-using the credit card at the barrier. In this case, payment for parking is settled automatically and you do not need to use the payment machine.
  • Payment machines are distributed thus: On level P1, you can pay credit card and cash at one machine, and by credit card alone at two machines. On level P2, there is just one machine and this accepts both cash and credit cards.
  • If tickets are lost in the first (free hour) you are permitted to exit via automatic licence plate recognition. The barrier will open if you have only parked in the centre for under an hour. If you have parked for over an hour, the barrier will not open, and exiting will cost DKK 100 In payment. A “lost ticket fee” is sent to the machine by pressing the service button on one of the payment machines and informing the guard you have lost your ticket.

Shopping trolleys are placed at Føtex supermarket, at the entrances and rooftop parking area.
Only DKK 10 or DKK 20 coins can be used to release the trolleys.

If you have lost something at the centre, contact Information at [email protected] or on 38 16 03 40.

You can also personally contact Information: you will find them by Solbjerg Plads entrance on the first shopping level just under the escalator. You can also hand in lost items that you have found.

FRB.C Shopping is wholly non-smoking.

The Frederiksberg Turistinformation is at Level 1 in the Frederiksberg Centret, at the conveyor belt that runs up towards the CBS entrance.

Get tips and information about Frederiksberg from knowledgeable staff who are always ready to guide the citizens and tourists of Copenhagen.

Get inspiration for free:

  • City map
  • Tourist brochures filled with adventures and attractions
  • City calendar with an overview of current activities, flea markets/jumble sales and other cultural events
  • Guides for adventure trips where you get to visit some of the Frederiksberg highlights

The entirety of FRB.C Shopping has air conditioning.

Guide dogs carrying visible signs as well as “bag dogs”, if they do not touch the floor, are permitted.

We have elevators between all levels. There is access to disabled toilets.
In our rooftop parking area there are disabled parking spots and also an elevator.

We do not have a prayer room at FRB.C Shopping.

Toilets are on level 3 towards Solbjerg Plads, where there are toilets for women and men, as well as a toilet for disabled visitors. You will also find a baby lounge where you can change diapers, warm bottles and breastfeed in peace and quiet.
There are also toilets for men, women and the disabled on level 1 beside Søstrene Grene; just take the escalator down from the entrance at Falkoner Allé. Here there are baby changing facilities in both the men’s and women’s bathrooms.

You can buy gift vouchers for FRB.C Shopping at the Information Desk at Level 1 just below the conveyor belt that runs towards Solbjerg Plads, or online here.

When you buy a gift voucher, you also get a free beautiful card where you can write your greeting for the lucky donee.

Elevators can be found at Falconer Allé. There is also an elevator at the Metro exit from the 1st shopping level and this ascends to between Synoptik and Power on the 2nd shopping level. This elevator is not connected to the Metro platform but only runs within the Frederiksberg Centre.
There is an elevator from the new rooftop parking area that runs between all levels. On the 3rd shopping level opposite Day and Bertoni, on the 2nd shopping level opposite Matas, and on the 1st shopping level between Inspiration and Føtex.

Escalators can be used between all shopping levels.

Defibrillators can be found at Information by the Solbjerg Plads entrance on the first shopping level just under the escalator, and at Customer Service at Føtex. Staff are trained in the use of the defibrillator.

At FRB.C Shopping we are dedicated to protecting the environment. We only purchase energy produced by wind turbines and thus help support renewable energy in Denmark. In our daily operations, we consciously pursue a reduction of CO2 emissions.

On the 3rd shopping level you will find our baby lounge with diaper changing facilities and a panoramic window, where you and baby can relax in peace and quiet.

The post office in Frederiksberg Centret has closed.
The nearest post offices can be found here:

  • Kvickly at Falconer Allé 90-94
  • Føtex Nordre Fasanvej 25

At H&M, Monki and & Other Stories, you can make a big difference by handing in the clothes you plan to throw out. Whether your clothes are broken, worn or just hopelessly outdated, you can hand them in to one of the stores and as thanks you´ll receive a voucher for each bag of clothes you submit for recycling. H&M gives a voucher for 15% off a new item, while Monki and & Other Stories will give a 10% discount on your total purchase. In this way, you help the fashion industry reduce its environmental impact and limit the amount of clothing and textiles that end up as waste.

Empty beauty product packaging from any brand can be handed in at & Other Stories to get a 10% discount on your total purchase. The Body Shop also accepts empty beauty product packages from their own brand. At Elgiganten you can deliver your batteries and all your old electronics for recycling. This ensures that no plastic and harmful chemicals from batteries escape into the environment and the oceans where they can cause untold harm.

Your used spectacles can be handed in to Synoptik or Thiele. Synoptik cooperates with the Danish Society for the Blind, which runs an opticians clinic in Ghana. Synoptik cleans, repairs and prepares the spectacles before they are sent on to Ghana where they make a difference to people´s lives. Thiele cooperate with Lions Club to send spectacles to certain locations in Africa where there are specific needs. In the case of some very high strength spectacles, your donation may be crucial for the new owner to be able to complete their schooling or hold on to a good job.

At the Frederiksberg Centret, all shops grant a minimum of 14 days’ full right of return on presentation of sales ticket, as long as the product is unused and returned in its original packaging.

The right of cancellation does not apply to sale goods, nor to goods ordered for a specific customer – for instance in a specific size or colour.

You can log on free to FRB.C wifi by selecting it.

Fill your drinking bottle with cold water for free when you are shopping at FRB.C.

You find the tap with cold water for your drinking bottle at the toilets at Level 3 overlooking Solbjerg Plads.

It is possible to power your electric car while shopping in FRB.C. We have partnered with e-on who have set up three chargers (a total of six spaces are reserved for electric cars) in our rooftop parking area, just to the left when you have driven up the ramp to P1.
To get access to the charging stations, you must sign up as a customer of e-on. This is easily done at If you have any questions, e-on are ready to help via telephone 70270577 or email to [email protected]